The 12 Ultimate Apps for a Hipster’s Smartphone

As you all know, we’re all about making the world a better place, by hipster-izing it! Through creating LIKE A HIPSTER, we’ve made our contribution, but we know, we can’t change the world by ourselves. This is why we’re bringing you today a selection of 12 mobile apps, that any self-respecting hipster should use!

  1. Instagram – Reality is overrated. #putafilteronit
  2. Hipster CEO – Hipsters love startups. But since they’re often stuck at social media agencies, playing Hipster CEO is pretty much the next best thing.
  3. Periscope – Let the world know, what you’re up and broadcase live from that indie band’s concert you’re at right now!
  4. Spotify’s FoundThemFirst – Let the world know, that you were among those, who listened to that indie band before they became mainstream.
  5. LIKE A HIPSTER – Because you wanna know where your hipster friends are at!
  6. Hipster Habit App – It’s so hipster, it’s offline.
  7. Swarm – Yes, hipster’s heart was broken, when Foursquare got rid of mayorships, but the die-hard fans are still on board, swarming the city win hopes of that new third-wave coffee badge.
  8. Dumb Ways to Die – Morbid fun is the hipsters’ kind of fun.
  9. Tinder – Every hipster has it on their phone. No hipster ever uses it of course.
  10. Twitter – Because Twitter is the new Facebook.
  11. Facebook – Because Facebook is Facebook.
  12. Economist Espresso – Right after the obligatory scroll on Twitter, it’s on to this app for the daily dose of economic news.

And that’s it! Of course we’re curious now: How many do you have on your phone?

Photo: Mela Mörtenbäck /