Ultimate Xmas Gifts For Hipsters

Xmas is coming and if you have a skinny jeans and beanie hats wearing, to folk music ironically listening bearded hipster friend – or want to treat yourself – here are some Xmas gift recommendations for you:

A retro polariod camera to catch special moments:

This neat coloring book for perfect procrastination:

A unicorn cookie cutter to bake some nice cookies:

This Vintage Wolfram bulbs give every living room an attitude:

Have a nice cup of flat white on Vinyl costers:

A Game Boy iPhone case to take care of your mobile:

Enjoy folk music ironically with this retro radio:

Special cat panties for the hip ladies:

Hooded flanell sleeve for the lumbersexual guys:

Unisex hipster cat t-shirt:

Write e-mails with the Vintage Type writer for your iPad:


Getting nostalgic with a Etch A Sketch Magic Screen:

No time to grow long hair? Stylish clip-on Man Hair Bun:

Love flamingos? Just take them with you:

A glitter beard kit for special occasions:

The ultimate moustache Tote Bag:

Have your chubby always close to your heart on you Pug shirt:

For the neat hipster a Beard care kit:

This special retro iPhone charger:

An USB vintage turntable with integrated speakers:

Retro cassette iPhone cover:

And last but not least – Sprinkles the Unicorn!

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