Travel LIKE A HIPSTER: Singapore

Ever wanted to travel to a vibrant Asian metropolis where you just feel at home as hipster? Then Singapore is exactly where you should go! This multicultural open-minded melting pot of Chinese, Indian, Malay, and Western cultures offers you so much that you’ll be dreaming of it.

Our C*O Barbara recently visited this amazing city – her “New York City of Asia” – and shares her LIKE A HIPSTER venue recommendations with you:



Clover The Arts ***

In this nice cosy boutique hotel in the heart of the city every room has it’s own themed wall tattoos.

Check it out!



AMOY Hotel ****

This Chinese themed charming hotel with 37 rooms in Chinatown offers you the ultimate Asian experience.

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Most hipster place in Singapore. Hipster factor* 9/10!

* What is this? Stay tuned!

Check it out!




This coffee house / concept store in Chinatown offers coffee shop atmosphere, local shopping experience and hipster dinner in one venue.

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Chye Seng Huat Hardware Coffee Bar

Craving for a cold brew coffee? Need some barista equipment? No problem at CSHH!

Check it out!


Wanderlust Bar

After an nicely exhausting day stolling through Singapore have a drink with fellow hipsters at this hotel bar.

Check it out!



Haji Lane

In this small street in Singapore you find lots of hip boutiques, tattoo shops, cafés or bike shops.


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