The ultimate LIKE A HIPSTER Café Checklist

How do we check whether a coffee shop is LIKE A HIPSTER approved or not? Not every coffee shop that offers great coffee will automatically be added to the LIKE A HIPSTER apps or to our Chat Bot Mica, the Hipster Cat Bot. To clarify our criteria we’ll explain our official coffee shop checklist to you.


We check these ten points:

  1. The coffee shop serves unusual foods on wooden or graphite plates or in/on any other unusual containers
  2. They offer self-made sirups and home made lemonades
  3. Drinks in grandma’s jars or second hand vintage cups
Home made lemonade in jars on wooden a plate (Rustic & Blue, Chiang Mai – Check it out!)
  1. They employ at least one tattooed waiter wearing stripes, not distinguishable from reglar guests
  2. They have a very fancy Italian espresso machine and offer coffee specialties such as cold brew or flat white
  3. Old fashion bulbs, so called “Edison” bulbs, are the new hot shit
  4. No homogenous tables or chairs, all bought from a local flea market (had to save money for the espresso machine!)
Used furniture and cups (Kauf dich glücklich, Berlin – Check it out!)
  1. Wall-paintings or graffiti indoors
  2. Toilets have distracting signs so that you might stumble into the wrong place
  3. They serve organic “artisan” food from local farmers

+ You’ll get an extra point if the name of the cafe has nothing to do with what they serve, e.g. “Laboratory”, or “Avocado Factory” (but not serving avocados at all). Another extra point if they have a live in-domestic dog or cat.

Indoor wall painting (Leyas, London – Check it out!)


I will show you some examples how we rate the venues with points:

The Lab in Singapore
Check it out!

Rating: 10+ of 10 points – Hipsterest!


Phil in Vienna
Check it out!

Rating: 7 of 10 points – No mason jars, no wooden plates, no distracting signs… You could do better! 😉


Tell us your most hipster coffee shop!

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