You scream, I scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM!

Temperatures like these don’t only call for your thinnest flannel shirt but also for lot’s of cool refreshments and since it’s frowned upon to start drinking craft beer at 11 am, the modern hipster has to resort to frozen specialties.

To save you the hassle of having to taste your way through many, many unhip ice cafes we’ve compiled a top list of cool ice cream shops in Vienna:



If you prefer your ice cream to have never seen a cow, a chicken or any other animal, then this is definitely the place for you. If you want to taste Basil, Maple-Pecan or Matcha ice cream look no further, also the servers look like scullery maids.

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Barbara loving her lavender & blueberry ice cream from Veganista


Kurt Frozen Yogurt

The one who started all the craze in Vienna, the classic, the place to be to get your organic co2 neutral, fat free, healthy cold treat on hot days. 3 Cup sizes and a gazillion toppings will make you feel hip, healthy and cool in no time.

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Kurt - Pure Frozen Yogurt.jpg
Frozen Yoghurt


Leones Gelato

One of the new up and coming hip places.Traditional Italian ice cream with nothing but nature and love and a sexy sleek CI to make you feel very accomplished holding one of their ice cream cups. If you don’t make it round to their shop you can also catch them at the classic pop-up markets or, for extra hipster points, order a box of ice cream for the office via

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Anyone who has been making ice since 1952 should know a thing or two about being hip. Get the classic Eis-Marillienknödel, settle for nothing else. Extra Hipster points for an incredibly retro website.

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Famous ice cream apricot dumplings



Supposedly even more retro than Tichy making ice cream since 1927. Now the new place to be with vegan options and tastes like Buttermilk-Pomegranate, Pino Pinguino and other things we cannot pronounce.

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Eis Greißler

There simply is no hipper place to stand in line waiting for your overpriced ice than Eis Greißler. Located at the most prominent locations across Vienna, you simply can’t go wrong with this Venue. I mean seriously, any place serving pistachio ice cream with salt and muskat or goat cheese ice cream, has got to be pretty damn hip! If you need your fix quicker than the rest, head over to their dependencies at the Schönbrunn Zoo or at Schokov, same pricey ice, but less of a queue.

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Poppy Seed and Mango – Eis Greißler


Schoko Company

Located in the heart of the Naschmarkt, it doesn’t get much hipper. The Schoko Company serves you chocolate specialities in all shapes and sizes and during the summer months they also offer ice creams in their “Eis Oase”. Voted best austrian ice cream 4 times in a row and serving healthy, organic, locally produced “Zotter” choclate ice cream, this is the place to check in if you need a break between your Aperol Spritzs.

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