The battle for the hippest Pizza in Vienna

Every now and then all you need is a decent Pizza. Being a hipster however involves lot’s of other people knowing you are cooler than them so you can’t just order in like the regular crowd, you need to head out to a trendy place. Here’s an overview of where to get really hip pizza in Vienna:


Pizza Quartier

The location alone, Vienna’s Karmelitermarkt, makes this pizzaria extremely trendy. Pair that with a stylish interior design and pizzas that look like no one ever told the baker that they are meant to be round and bingo: hipster heaven. Try the fried pizza or one of the impressive deserts once your there.

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Disco Volante

The hippest place to be, their pizza oven is tiled like a disco mirror ball. ‘Nuff said.

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Ristorante Danieli

You are sick and tired of hanging out with the same old hipster crowd and you’d rather have your pizza overpriced and enjoy it in the company of up and coming lawyers and plastic surgeons? Welcome to Danieli! Their international wine card with over 600 different positions as well as a large selection of Grappa specialties will help you recover from the shock once you get the bill.

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Pizza Riva

Not only does this place have a cunning URL, they also want to be your friend as their credo is “i nostri amici”. Their hipster credibility? The claim to bake the only real Neapolitan pizza in Vienna, using only flour from Napoli and tomatoes from San Marzano. Obviously local tomatoes are not good enough for a hipster pizza.

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“We’re Kitch. Awesome and Creative” Sometimes we worry that Mica, Barbara’s Cat and our head of communications, works for other people too. When we read such slogans and know that you can get an excellent salmon pizza at Kitch, our worst fears are confirmed. Excellent PR & marketing and a super trendy interior make this one of our favorite places to get a slice of hipster pizza.

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Pizza Mari

If you read the reviews for this place, everyone is of the same opinion: the best pizza place outside of Italy. Pair that with a hip restaurant and a entertaining Italian pizza baker and you’ve got yourself a hipster dive.

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This place is really not hip. It’s shabby without the chic and if you’d walk past it you normally wouldn’t think of going in. However they do offer one of Vienna’s biggest and cheapest pizzas around and thus have been the place to be for hungover and broke hipster students since the nineties.

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That’s Amore

Unpretentious and a little off the beaten track, this is a good place to come if you really just want a good pizza.

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1500 Foodmakers

Their slogan “Fuck it. Eat pizza” basically tells you all you need to know. Located in the 25 Hours Hotel next to the Museums Quartier, this place is damned to be casual and easy going. Their menu is inspired by the coolest restaurants in Santa Monica, New York and London and the crowd that frequents this place would love to be as cool as the venue. Apart from all the forced nonchalance the place does actually serve a pretty good pizza.

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