Hip enough to photograph?

As any serious Hipster will no doubt confirm, being hip is hard work! It’s not enough to hang out at the right places, with the right people, wearing the right things, you gotta document it all as well! And of course not any old pics will suffice, you have to make sure their hip too. Taking hip pictures with your average camera is not an option. Here’s a list of hipster must-haves for hip photos:

Smartphone lenses

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First off, if your shooting with your mobile phone, you better have one of these sexy lenses attached otherwise you’d be just like every one else snapping pictures of their food. And trust me, as a hipster you don’t want to be confused with a common food blogger…


Peak Design Messenger Bag

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If your actually cool enough to own a DSLR and proper photo-equipment you don’t want to be lugging it around in any old backpack, or even worse a normal camera bag. There are actually only two options for you. Number one: the Peak-Design Messenger Bag that gives you utmost functionality while still holding on to some hipster credibility.



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Or the much more stylish and slightly steampunk Ona-bag. The italian leather and the newly crafted used look will have your hipster friends in fits. This bag alone will guarantee that your pictures will be much more authentic and “real”, never mind what you actually photograph.


Exakta Leather camera strap

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Another beginner mistake many hipster photographers make ist go with the original camera strap. Now you obviously don’t want to be totting a mainstream brand name here, it needs to be obscure and authentic. The Exakta leather straps fits that bill perfectly and goes nicely with your Ona-Bag if you happen to have it.


Bokeh Filter


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Any good hipster photograph needs to have some bokeh or it’s not worth talking about. Google it if you’ve never heard of the term and then order these bokeh filters to give your pictures that special touch.


Lumu Exposure Meter


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Get a Lumu. No one knows what a photometer is anyway, but on any set or in any studio the guy with the exposure meter dangling from his neck is the boss. You want to convey that same air of importance with your smartphone and mesmerize your friends and clients. If you actually know what you’re doing, it comes with a pretty nifty app that actually works.


Desktop Dolly


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If your not only taking picture for Instagram, but also considering doing Snapchat videos with your DSLR you definitely need a dolly. Apart from everything else it’s simply a cool gimmick and a good conversation starter.


Retro Polariod camera

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Last but not least a gadget so super famous to catch special moments in a super hip and vintage way: A original retro Polaroid camera!


Smartphone Case


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If none of this gear is any good for you ‘cause your only shooting with your smartphone, please make sure to have a hip cover on it, otherwise the people might not understand that you are only ironically documenting your triple chai latte… 😉

Don’t forget to call yourself vintage photographer or Photoshop guru or something equally important and have fun shooting. Follow us on Instagram, or tag your pictures with #likeahipster for chance of Mica, our hipster cat, giving you a much coveted like.