Why on earth would I need LIKE A HIPSTER?!
We help you discover the hippest hipster places wherever you go. Yes, it’s fun to discover new places in your hometown, but let’s face it: Hipsters like us really like to travel. The only thing that kinda sucks about travel is, that you are away from your favorite hipster bars and coffeeshops for extended periods of time. With LIKE A HIPSTER we solve that problem for you and for ourselves. The app allows you (and us) to discover the places where local hipsters hang our anywhere in the world we go.

What features does LIKE A HIPSTER have?
With the LIKE A HIPSTER app you can discover local businesses near you, that are recommended by hipsters and get information about them like directions, pricing, website, reviews or phone numbers. You can then use the app to navigate to the business of your choice. Use our widget to get information about hipster places near you on your homescreen. You will also love our unique sonic and haptic branding. ^^

How does LIKE A HIPSTER work?
LIKE A HIPSTER currently uses data from Foursquare and Yelp to identify the most beloved hipster spots near you and displays them on a Google Map.

This is awesome! Is LIKE A HIPSTER free?
Yes, LIKE A HIPSTER is free. Enjoy! Let’s hipster-ize the planet!! World domination!! Woohoo!!

“I think there’s a mistake on the page. When I click on the Windows Phone or BlackBerry World download button, I get redirected to Amazon.”
No. There’s no mistake. *evil grin*

I love/hate/want to be in a relationship with/have feedback on LIKE A HIPSTER. How can I get in touch?
Yay! We love to hear from you! Send your feedback to app (at) likeahipster (dot) com. We look forward to your message!