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“Totally awesome! I love LIKE A HIPSTER! It’s my favorite app!”
Every Hipster

“To be LIKE A HIPSTER or not to be LIKE A HIPSTER. That is the question.”
Milliam Makesbeer


“Most people think, that I’ve become the hipster icon I am simple because of my goofy wardrobe and ever-changing facial hair. Truth is, however, that I wouldn’t be where I am today without the help of LIKE A HIPSTER. Thank you, LIKE A HIPSTER! Thank you SO much.”
Gyan Rosling

“Stay hungry. Stay foolish. But always aspire to be LIKE A HIPSTER.”
Eve Crobs

“Atemlos. Durch die Nacht.
Bis ein neuer Tag erwacht.
Und man sich mit der LIKE A HIPSTER App
auf die Suche nach einem Brunch-Spot macht.”
Elene Fischer

“I’ve been quite pretty successful with ‘Like a virgin’ and ‘Like a prayer’. Now I’m sure LIKE A HIPSTER is the next big thing. It’s such a fantastic project!”

“Ever since using LIKE A HIPSTER, I have a new hobby: Hipster Spotting. You should try it some time!”
Some Weirdo